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Lucy Willetts



    Image of Lucy For as long as I can remember, I have suffered with an over-active imagination and the inexplicable need to make things up and write them down. I don’t think any of us *chooses* to be a writer – the urge chooses us and before long, that need becomes a passion so strong, it develops into an extension of our soul.
Despite spending a lifetime safe in my own little world knowing that one day I would always be a writer, it has only been over the past few years that I have made a deliberate point of attempting to make my dream a reality.
I have had several articles published in national newspapers and magazines and have a weekly column in the local newspaper (that if I’m honest, probably sounds far more prestigious than it actually is), but alas, we must all start somewhere!
I mostly like to write fiction, particularly if I can make the reader laugh – I like to laugh and if others can join me in that process, this is a huge bonus for me. But be warned - my humour has been described as whacky, zany, quirky (perhaps even a little twisted at times).
Becoming a master (or indeed mistress) of our passion takes time, patience, perseverance and above all confidence …

The Bakers Dozen - Excerpt of work in progress












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