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Jill Treseder


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Hospital Visit



Your world has shrunk

To a square of red rubber mesh

Which clings your glass and pot of grapes

Safely to the table.


Your watered gaze

Which once read weather patterns

Now sees only silhouettes

Like ships that pass in fog.


The unrelenting sun,

From which you took a sight

In Middle Eastern skies,

Has taken yours.


You have survived

Mauritius, Vanguard, Ocean,

Ark Royal and Erebus,

All ships in which you served.


The rose-grower's nose,

The spin-bowler's, slip-fielder's eye,

The ear that loved Chopin,

Eroded, worn out, used up.


The things you taught:




Are now too hard to say.


Singapore, Trincomalee,

South Africa, Palestine, Malta;

Saudi pilots, Roedean girls,

And now your favourite Dartmouth.


The memories live on,

A cricket match, a cryptic clue,

The cycle ride of 'thirty-four,

Still active in the force field of your mind.