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Ode to the Music Festival



It's all over now - but oh! What a Fest!

We're all tired but happy, it's true

We've all worked our socks off and now need to rest

Switch off for a month now, or two...


It starts in September with gathering speed

With meetings and minutes galore.

We fundraise like crazy, the coffers to feed

Our free time's not free any more!


We've ideas, suggestions, and things to discuss

Solutions, decisions and doubt

But with humour and patience, teamwork and trust

We seem to sort all problems out.


There's letters and licences, contracts and calls,

And posters and programmes to proof

With conflabs and crises and climbing up walls

Our meals now consumed on the hoof.


Now May's ever nearer - our nerves getting frayed

So where have the busy months flown?

We're praying for sunshine and steady blue skies,

For rain clouds to leave us alone.


It's Friday! It's started! The weather is hot

And Dartmouth is starting to hum

The acts we have booked really hitting the spot  -

The crowds are delighted they've come.


The atmosphere's happy, excitement is high

The children are having a ball

The adults enjoying a whale of a time

It really IS 'Music For All'.


There's people with programmes and kids with balloons

And music all over the town

With school kids and jugglers, a man playing spoons -

Impossible now to feel down.


The music is magic - for young and for old

The streets and the pubs are alive.

A young-at-heart couple with silvery hair

Are loving their annual jive!


There's Blues on the Bandstand, the Flavel's got Jazz,

Most marvellous melodies meet

There's smiles and there's symphonies, sunshine and songs

And dancing - guess where? - in the street!


The Saturday crooners and duos and bands

All show off their talented ways

And Market Square's heaving, as into the night

A fabulous Irish band plays


Guitars at the Guildhall, and river front Folk

Steel drummers all playing at speed

With Boogie at Bayards and Choirs in the church

What more could you possibly need?


It's Sunday p.m. - time for 'Afternoon Chill'

With Soul in the Gardens at four

While face-painted kids dance in front of the stage

Their parents are cheering for more.


The evening grows cooler, the visitors leave

Musicians start packing their gear

The questions begin now: "Well, what do you think?

Could this be the best-ever year?"


It's all over now - and oh! We feel pride

A tired team of women and men

Will meet on the morrow, when then they'll decide

To do it all over again!